Professional Quality at Lowest Price

Quality is always our #1 priority, on top of the most precise equipment we use, every part we ship out go through vigorous quality control, careful post processing and packaging.  Place your order then sit back and relax, you will be supprised how amazing our quality is.

Show us lowest quote you can find, we charge half of it

We believe creativity and innotation should not be held back by the cost and speed of making them.  As a group of engineers ourself, we want to help as best as we can. We design a transparent pricing model, which to our knowledge, is the lowest in the industry, and get your parts ready to ship in 24 hour, no expediate fee. We believe this is what innovation deserves.

Coobo 3D

This Benchy takes ->


$1/cm3 transparent pricing

Parts ready in 24 hour

Standard shipping 1-3 days

Affordable Post Finishing

Other Vendors

<- This Benchy takes at least


Cost more than $3/cm3

Parts take longer than 4 days

Slow shipping speed

Expensive post finishing

Industrial SLA is the Best Overall 3D Printing Technology, See Comparison

There are reasons industrial SLA machine cost over 200 thousand dollars, the print quality is just not on the same level as normal desktop 3d printer, do not waste time and money on purchasing and maintaining expensive desktop 3d printers, with us, you have access to the world's most advanced 3d printing technology.

Desktop SLA/DLP

Visible layer and support marks

Moderate resolution (100um)

Sharp detail persisted

Extremely brittle, not functinal

Limited material choice

Hard to design or remove support on complex parts

Extremely small build volume

Moderate cost

Industrial SLA

Silky smooth surface

Highest resolution (25um)

Sharp details persisted

ABS like toughness, functional

Wide selection of material

Complex geometry capable

Huge build volume (400mm x 400mm x 600mm)

Usually costly, but not with us

Industrial SLS

Powder like finish

Moderate resolution (100um)

Sharp details hard to produce

ABS like toughness, functional

Limited material choice

Complex geometry capable

Big build volume


Desktop FDM

Extremely rough surface

Lowest resolution (200um)

Sharp details hard to produce

ABS like toughness, functional

Limited material choice

Incapable of producing complex parts

Moderate build volume


Powerful Prototyping Workshop at Your Fingertip

As designer or engineer, you want to focus on creativity as much as possible, not struggling with turning your design to real life. Other than expensive equipment, prototyping takes years of expertise, that's where we fit in. By giving you the absolutely lowest price and fastest speed in the industry, we bring a powerful prototyping workshop to your fingertip. Go design the world, we will help you turn it to real.


Industrial White SLA

Somos 8000

Somos 8000 is the gold standard for industrial SLA 3d printing. While maintaining ABS like toughness, it produces stunning detail. Every corner and edge of your model is realized precisely. 

Print volume: 400mm x 400 x 600mm

Parts ready in 24 hour

50 um Resolution

1 dollar / cm3

Material Spec

Transparent Material

The transparent material gives you nothing but the most stunning result of your design. We hand polish it to optically clear. Normally this process is extremely costly, but we give you a jaw-dropping transparent price of $2.5/cm3, instant quote now.

Print volume: 400mm x 400 x 600mm

Parts ready in 48 hour

50 um Resolution

2.5 dollar / cm3

Material Spec

Professinal Post finishing

To get the showcasing quality, hand finishing is mandetory. We have years of expertise to make your prototype as close to your final product as possible. Chat with us for more details.

CNC Machining

We provide various material for CNC including 6061 aluminum, brass, steel and post processing option like anodizing, tapping and painting. Try our newest CNC instant quote, or chat with our specialist.

Parts ready in 4 days


Urathane Casting

If 3d printing gets you 90% of your showcasing model, urathane casting will bring it to 100%. It's a powerful method where the mechanical property, surface finishing and color can be adjusted to perfectly fulfill your final design. What's more, it cost less than 3d printing for small production run. So before pending tons of money on steel tooling, consider urathane casting first. Chat with us for more details

Lowest price guarantee for same technology

Please do not put multiple models in single file. File with weak connected models also cannot be processed. Thank you for your understanding.